What is Leadership? :: Elevation style

There are no superstars in God’s Kingdom! Every single follower of Jesus has a unique calling on their life in which God wants to use the gifts and passions he has given them in order to redeem and heal and transform this broken world. So at Elevation our measure of success is not how many people we can get to come listen to the teaching or music, but how many people have been raised up to experience their identity in Christ and discover and develop their own gifts and passions for God’s mission. So when you think Leadership at Elevation think YOU! For those of us that are called to full-time vocational leadership, our job is to be catalysts that empower you. To get to know those who are leading that charge, you can read a bit below and click on the “more about kasey” link for a video and other info.

Kasey and Dawn

Hi folks,

Thanks for reading.  My name is Kasey Crawford, and that cutie next to me is my wife of 14 years, Dawn.

Let’s cut straight to it: we want to be part of a genuine movement of God.  We don’t want to just go through the motions of church or try to muster up something that looks good on the outside and meets the status quo of church “success.”  We want to be a part of a move of God that blows the doors off of our normal and expands our boxes that we put God in.  As leaders, we enjoy nothing more than when its clear that God is the one with the power, God is the one writing the story and God is the one getting the glory.  When we are in over our head, stretched and uncomfortable, then we get to see God come through as awesome, good, faithful, powerful, etc. and that is when the adventure of following Jesus cannot be matched by anything else.  We love when we are submitted to God’s agenda and will in such a way that we can truly feel that He is the source of power and life feels like we are riding a wave of His goodness and our job is simply to stay on board and not fall off.  Elevation has been that journey so far and we believe God wants it to be like that forever, in increasing measure.  As leaders, we want to help catalyze all of you to be a part of God is doing and stay with him for the life-long journey of being his disciple.

Ultimately I believe God has called me to cultivate a church culture that grows disciples who make more disciples. I’m not interested in leading a church where everything revolves around me.  I want to raise up rooted disciples who can lead powerful ministry on their own and reproduce other disciples who lead new ministry frontiers.  This will grow over time into a movement of disciples making disciples who advance the Kingdom of God throughout our community and to the ends of earth, as God leads.

All of this comes back to following Jesus. As we follow him we will become like him. As we become like him we will walk more intimately with God and be able to share the fruit of that life with others in a way that draws them to Jesus.  This is the life my wife and I have given ourselves to and lead from and lead others towards. We would love for you to join us on the journey!

May His Kingdom come!

Kasey Crawford

Lead Pastor